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Electrical Theory & Practical

Electrical Theory & Practical

A mixture of theory and practical, we would introduce the students to basic electrical science, electrical safety and safe isolation. We also teach the different electrical systems (single and two phase), compressor electrical components, wiring diagrams, measuring and metering.



Introduction to the Psychrometric chart, which provides a visual representation of how air behaves when exposed to different conditions. The various moist air properties are discussed, which aid in determining system performance. Both residential and commercial systems will be covered.

EPA Certification

EPA Certification

This certification specifies that all persons who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of appliances that contain regulated refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques by passing a proctored EPA 608 examination.

A/C & Refrigeration Systems

A/C & Refrigeration Systems

This course provides a broad introduction to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It is designed to train and prepare students for entry as service and maintenance technicians. Students are taught common practices for general operation and maintenance of RAC systems.

Students At Work

A/C & Refrigeration Systems

Students are taught common practices for general operation and maintenance of their RAC systems. They learn skills that support the installation, testing, and servicing of air-conditioning & refrigeration systems. This would aid in keeping the systems up and running as efficiently as possible.

At right, the electrical components of a Bally outdoor unit, being examined.


Currently accepting students for SEPTEMBER 2023.

A/C & Refrigeration systems

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