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EPA Certification

Course Overview

The Engineering Training Centre is expecting to be offering EPA Certification through The ESCO Institute in The USA. This certification specifies that all persons who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of appliances that contain regulated refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques by passing a proctored EPA 608 examination.

EPA 608 Certification Types

The EPA 608 consists of four sections – Core, Type I, Type II, & Type III.

  • Core covers general refrigerant/regulation knowledge. Much of the Type I, II, & III section material build on or relate to the Core section material. The student must pass Core & at least one other section to receive a certification card. Core is not a certification in itself.

  • Type I covers small appliances with 5lbs of refrigerant or less & sealed at the factory, such as domestic refrigerators, window air conditioners, PTAC’s and vending machines. A certified Type I technician has passed both the Core and the Type I section.

  • Type II covers equipment using high-pressure refrigerant (HCFC-22), including residential air conditioners and heat pumps, supermarket refrigeration, and process refrigeration. A certified Type II technician has passed both the Core and the Type II section.

  • Type III covers equipment using a low-pressure refrigerant (HCFC-123 or CFC-11), primarily chillers. A certified Type III technician has passed both the Core and the Type III section.

A Universal certification means you have passed all four sections – it’s another way to say you are certified as a Type I, II, & III technician. There is not a Universal section of the test.

Each test section has 25 multiple choice questions drawn from a bank of test questions developed by the Federal Government. Questions regarding equipment regulations, safety, shipping and identifying refrigerants appear in every test section.

To receive an EPA 608 certification, a candidate must pass the Core section plus one of the technician types listed above. A passing score in a proctored setting is 70%. Core & Type I can be taken in a non-proctored setting, where the passing score is 84%.

Since each section of the exam is graded individually, you can pass one section and fail the others. There is no requirement to take all four sections or hold a Universal certification; each test taker can choose to take only the sections they need/are required for their job. Once a student passes a section, they never have to take that section again for certification as long as the student maintains a record of passed sections. The certifications never expire.

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Grantley N. Parris