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RAC Electrical Systems

Course Overview

This course provides electrical training that covers from the basics of electricity all the way through to troubleshooting a RAC electrical systems. This introductory electrician course provides students an introduction to electrical concepts and theories used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Course Features




40 hours

next period

September 2023




theory & practical

Grantley N. Parris


Electrical Fundamentals

  • Atoms and Electrons, Ohm’s Law, Resistance
  • AC & DC current
  • Meters, Circuits, Loads and Switches
  • Symbols and Wiring Diagrams

Motors & Motor Starting

  • Fan motors
  • Compressors Relays & Capacitors
  • Contactors and Motor Starters
  • Troubleshooting Motors

HVACR Controls and Devices

  • Thermostats & Heating Controls
  • Relays, Refrigeration Controls & Timers

Electrical Installation

  • Power Distribution, Delta & Wye System
  • Wire Sizing & Materials
  • Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers & Disconnects

Electrical Practical

  • Using Electrical Meters
  • Reading ladder wiring diagrams
  • Measuring voltage, resistance, current and capacitance
  • Electrical fault finding